How We Help Developers

  • Proven Partners
    Proven Partners
  • Game Changers
    Game Changers
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    Forward Thinkers
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    Expert Trailblazers

We’re not just deal-makers, we’re game-changers. We anticipate challenges and provide swift, creative solutions. Throughout our long-term relationship, you need a reliable partner who stands firm and excels no matter the conditions.

At CREA, we’re constantly working to improve and structure deals with maximum benefits. Since 2001, we’ve raised and closed over $7.1 billion in LIHTC equity in 47 states, 1 U.S. territories and DC, representing more than 60,000 affordable housing units. Our nimble, knowledgeable team serves up the personal attention, capital and resources you need to move forward.

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How We Help Investors

  • Legacy Builders
    Legacy Builders
  • Vested Leaders
    Vested Leaders
  • Credible Partners
    Credible Partners
  • Fearless Advocates
    Fearless Advocates

We’ve built a legacy in the affordable housing industry by minimizing risks and maximizing long-term benefits for our partners. As leaders in LIHTC, we stay on top of market trends and utilize the latest and most secure tools and technologies.

Our services are provided in-house, so you get seamless communication and trusted partners from start to finish. Let’s work together to build brighter futures.

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Our acquisitions team is dedicated to providing the highest quality investment banking solutions in the LIHTC industry. Through established financial structuring and real estate analysis, our approach is designed to ensure the best possible outcome for all partners in each and every transaction in which we invest.

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CREA’s syndication team serves as the voice of our investors within CREA. We are committed to our investors long-term, acting on your behalf in all matters. Our team organizes and offers well-structured funds to meet your investment needs and goals. We believe in transparent, timely communication, and stay connected with you through each step – from offering to disposition.

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CREA’s top-notch underwriters are thorough in combing through all aspects of a transaction, including financial modeling, income and expense analysis, market review, background and credit checks, and insurance reviews. Our work isn’t done until we’re confident your investment is sound and protected.

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Portfolio Management

CREA’s portfolio management includes asset management, fund management and special assets and dispositions teams. Portfolio magement is responsible for proactively monitoring and protecting all investments by performing asset management functions to ensure that Partnership Agreement requirements are met, projects are in compliance with IRS guidelines, and comprehensive reporting for all tax credit funds are provided.

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Working with developers, third party lenders, borrowers, counsel, title companies, and internal personnel, our internal legal team reviews letters of intent, prepares initial drafts of equity documents, and identifies & monitors variances to the CREA Investment Guidelines, as well as other corporate legal matters.

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